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Portland, OR,
United States

Photography in Portland OR. Family Portraits, Maternity Portraits, Senior Portraits, Event Photography, Boudoir / artistic Nudes, Photo Booths and more.


Me to You

I'm a self taught photographer. Pulling from all life experiences with plenty of trial, error and success. I shoot with many kinds of film as well as high quality digital. I've been a “professional” photographer for over a decade, before that it was only an obsession.

Being exposed can be a profound experience. It stirs up something different in everyone. I love to assist in the process of ones own coming out of and returning into themselves...

Although I've had the pleasure of shooting many Divas, my specialty is working with those who are shy in front of the lens. Being comfortable with people, their bodies and in just about any situation, helps people feel comfortable with me.

I offer a lot of guidance as well as give you plenty of room to find your own shapes. I would love to hear what you're dreaming up and I would be happy to brainstorm with you.

*** I mainly shoot in Portland Oregon & Maui Hawaii although I am available to travel ***

Testimonials of Working With Me

* My first experience with Pasha was when I was chosen to be featured in an ad campaign. I was very nervous, but very excited about the project. Pasha's demeanor made me feel at ease as soon as I met her & began shooting. She was patient with my shyness and ended up taking some amazing photos that I am very proud of. My second time shooting with her was for a personal "boudoir" style shoot I was having done for a gift for my partner. Once again, Pasha made me feel at ease and we ended up getting great photos. Her eye for detail and composition is incredible. Pasha has a talent for capturing people's personality and beauty. I will definitely be working with her again in the future.

Brenda Dunn

* Pasha was not only professional and attentive, but also really fun to work with. Our pictures are amazing, and she caught the spirit of our wedding day wonderfully. Also she smiled and laughed the whole time, making the experience even better. I would recommend her for any event you would like captured with an eye for finding the amazing and the beautiful in the ordinary.

Tanya Frantzen

* Pasha is an amazing photographer and really helps you feel comfortable with a giant lens in your face. I am fairly shy and she captured my pregnancy beautifully. She also took our first family photos of my husband and I with our 1 week old daughter. We loved Pasha so much we had her photograph our whole family when our daughter was 1 years old. We Highly highly recommend Pasha for whatever it is you are trying to capture.

Sonya Niess

* As an art director, I've had the experience of working with many top-tier photographers, and Pasha is among the best. Incredibly professional, easy to work with, full of creative ideas, her photos are well composed, narrative, and simply stunning. I've seen her work encompass portraiture to sensitive subject matter, all handled tenderly and balanced. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Diana Crities

* The first time I worked with Pasha I was apprehensive. My wife had arranged the shoot while we were in Maui on vacation and I didn't like the idea. I grew up with photographers in the family and I loathe the experience in general. I was pleasantly surprised by Pasha though. Her style is personal and comfortable which made the experience light and fun. Her technical skill behind the lens is excellent and her equipment is professional. We have since hired her for a party and it was a great success. I wholeheartedly recommend her for all your photo needs.

Joeseph Richards

* I've done many shoots with Pasha over the years. I've always felt like she's not only capturing what she sees in me as a subject but inspiring me to push myself outside of my comfort zone, subsequently creating something new for both of us. The results are always exciting.

Morgan Grace

* Pasha did my head-shots for my website and business. I do not like having my picture taken. She was fun, professional and got great shots. She is an ace photographer. Highly recommended!

Susan Pease Banitt

* Pasha is creative and thoughtful photographer that has the skill to capture moments that are both beautiful and touching. I've worked with her for a number of years and am always so thrilled with the way the photo projects turn out. Pasha is truly amazing!

Krissy Justice

* Pasha's professionalism and easy charm made my experience so enjoyable. I've never been comfortable in front of a camera and after just a couple of minutes she had coaxed genuine smiles and laughter from me that made the best photographs. I received proofs in a timely manner and final edits within a couple of days from our shoot. The images were high quality, beautiful color, I liked how I looked (this is big coming from someone who never likes photographs of herself), and it was a great time! Highly recommend!

Krystyn Strothers

* Pasha has been my go to photographer for many years. From my pregnancies, family photos to professional images for my business. In each setting I find Pasha is able to perfectly capture the images of my mind's eye. She offers amazing insight and creative inspiration in the process. Pasha creates an environment that allows you to feel completely safe, unhurried and relaxed. She is playful and non judgmental. Pasha is an artist, her camera is just an extension of her creativity. I love how she has been able to get my reluctant daughter to open up and be playful during a shoot. I’m very camera shy and she helped me feel confident and beautiful in our shoots. You don't get this kind of experience from just anyone with a camera. Pasha has many years of experience working intimately with people through being a midwife, a childbirth educator and yoga instructor. Those experiences have given her a unique ability to hold space for people in their experience. 

Jasmin Lee Catoe-Ganahl, Mother, LMT (Dynamic Massage)

* I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with Pasha on several ad campaigns for political candidates and trade unions. Over the years the biggest challenge in designing these campaigns is how to present materials in a new, eye catching and appealing way that reaches a wide variety of viewers. I hired Pasha for her eye that took my designs to another level. We not only captured a wide variety of viewers with the images, we also increased our budget for future design projects. Pasha is able to set the talent at ease while not being afraid or limited in various angles that captures the essence of the messaging we set out to say. I love working with Pasha, and recommend her to anyone I come into contact with that needs a photographer.

Suzanne Foster, fosterdesign studios

* Pasha is, without a doubt, one of the most talented photographers I have ever worked with. She and I worked together on a challenging project of telling my professional life story through images. Pasha seamlessly communicated the mood and tone of the story while encouraging me to reveal myself in each portrait. Her gentle direction was instrumental in capturing the most beautiful pictures that have ever been taken of me. She is a master of luring her model out of their shell and into the limelight. I recommend her highly.

Susan Grace, Partly Sunny Skin Care Products / Esthetician

* Having my picture taken in the nude and in lingerie is not in my comfort zone at all. My partner and I gathered up our courage and hired Pasha for a couples / lovers photo shoot. Pasha quelled my fears from the first email and I felt safe to do this with her. She has clear boundaries and at the same time was very open with us and that made us both feel very comfortable with her. I’m looking forward to doing another photo shoot with her and this time I’m going to do it by myself, just for me. If you have always wanted to do a photo shoot and haven't felt brave enough then I highly recommend you contact Pasha and let her help you take that step. She’s very personable so it will feel like playing dress up with a friend and at the same time she’s professional. We were surprised and pleased with how exquisite our photos turned out... HOT !

Sarah Shute, Mother of 3, Entrepreneur

* Photographing full bellied Mamas, tender little newborn buds in a milky embrace is Pasha"s true gift. The talent comes from a deep knowing of her subject, which she gained during her years as a midwife, childbirth educator and prenatal yoga instructor. When I refer a pregnant Mama or Mother baby pair to Pasha, I know she will have a great experience and come away with unique artistically crafted photos. That Mama then has the pleasure as the years pass to look at images of herself glowing like a pregnant goddess and of her newborn looking unimaginably tiny. Pregnancy and early newborn days are such a tiny slice of life, but also profoundly huge and special. Pasha's knowledge of this is reflected in her photos.

Laura Erickson, Midwife, Mother, Founder of Alma Midwifery Center

* I was very nervous about doing a photo shoot. I had put on weight and didn’t feel that attractive. Pasha made me feel very comfortable. She helped me realize that I could embrace my size and accept myself just as I am. She did an amazing job helping me with what to do during the shoot. I loved the experience and I love my photos.

Joy,  Mother, Grandmother

* I have worked with Pasha several times over of the years. I have always loved the images that she captures whether it's our family portraits or being an event for my business. She has an eye for grabbing those special moments. I would highly recommend her for any project.

Dayna Cakebread, Mother, Stylest

* I heard about Pasha through a friend-of-a-friend. I wanted pregnant portraits with my husband. I had never done a photo-shoot before, and I was a little nervous that I would look awkward or do it wrong. Pasha was so welcoming from the beginning, I was immediately at ease with her. Pasha is genuine and had a sincere interest in what I wanted to accomplish in my photo-shoot. I had a great time and ended up with so many beautiful portraits. I definitely recommend working with Pasha, You will not be disappointed.

Jamie Bourcier, Mother

* I have worked with Pasha several times, she creates a positive, collaborative atmosphere and is great to work with. She is clever at helping you identify your ideas and directing you in a way that helps you get the photos you want. She is fun, professional, dependable, and a talented artist.  Highly recommend ! 

Virginia Jones, Comedian

* The key to excellent photography begins with creating ease. Pasha has the technical knowledge to make her photos a work of art and has skills to inspire people to shine. I've also seen her work with photographing inanimate objects, she also puts them at ease. If you want someone to photograph a pair of "at ease" shoes...  she's your lady.  Talented !

Laura !

* I have absolutely loved working with Pasha for shoots in various settings. In the studio we shot a series of nudes and I always felt completely comfortable because Pasha is respectful, creative, hilarious, and just so fun to work with. Pasha was able to give me specific instructions in order to capture the most inspired poses and the final product was incredible! At events Pasha captures those little moments that often go unnoticed. Her amazing live photo booths are so fun and create unforgettable candid group shots that tell the story. Her witty sense of humor and skill combined make her one of the best photographers to work with in Portland, Maui, NYC or wherever she may be.

Jules Montes, Yogi, Go-Go Dancer, Student & Nanny

* It goes without saying that Pasha is a talented photographer.  Just look at her work. She is able to capture the personality of the people in front of her lens so well. Her talent with photography you can see, but she is also great at getting folks to feel comfortable whether as part of a family shoot, a portrait, or something more racy.  Well, I imagine she would make me feel comfortable with something racier, maybe some day... She just has a great, reassuring presence and is willing to direct as needed.  She was able to get all four of my family members to cooperate at one time, which is nearly impossible.

Aimee Shattuck

* I first saw Pasha in action about a decade ago. I play in a confrontational punk rock band and She was right in the middle of everything getting great shots. We did a follow-up shoot the next afternoon and I’ve used many of these outstanding photos on our posters, albums & websites. Pasha possesses a unique combination of knowledge, talent, ambition & ease of working with. I’ve had the pleasure of watching her work over the last 10 years and she never fails to impress me with her creativity, playfulness and professionalism. 

Sluggo/The Grannies   San Francisco, CA

* Pasha is an amazing artist with the innate ability to capture life in its truest essence. She will let you be you... in your space... and capture the core of the moment in ways you would never imagine.  Let the magic happen. She's awesome.


* I want to sincerely thank Pasha!  I was looking to have some nude photography done as a gift for my wife.  From the moment I contacted Pasha she made me feel at ease.  She helped me come up with ideas and refine my thoughts as how I wanted this gift to be as I had never been in front of a camera in the nude.  As the day approached for my photo shoot I arrived very nervous but was greeted by Pasha and immediately felt comfortable.  What an awesome experience.  Pasha was fun yet professional and was able to help create the perfect special gift that I was after.  My wife loved the photos so much she booked a shoot with Pasha herself!  Pasha you are great!  We are now looking forward to a shoot together.